Network Cable/ Cooper Series

Cat5e SFTP lan Cable/Cooper

Product structure and application
Structured cabling cable data transmission;Digital transmission, voice, data and video signals, meet the demand of high-end is especially suitable for all D link and five types of applications,inclufing ISDN,10M nethernet,100M high speed nethernet,Gigabit Ethernet,4/16Mbit/s Token-ring,TP-PMD/TP-DDI 125 Mbit/s,ATM 155Mbit/s

Electrical specification:
All parameters based on the 100 meters;
DC impedance:100ohms±15%,1MHz to 100MHz;
transmission delay:9ns/100m max.@100MHz;Time delay difference:40ns max/100m;
capacitance:5.4Nf max/100m

Physical Property:
maximum tension 110N 110N
minimum bending radius 30mm 30mm
Mounting temperature 0 to 60℃ 0 to 60℃
storage temperature -20 to 75℃ -20 to 75℃
operating temperature -20 to 60℃ -20 to 60℃