Fiber Management

OTDR launch Box

OTDR Launch Cable/Lead

Equipment Calibration
System emulation of loss, length, time delay and reflectance

1.Connector type: SC, LC, ST, FC, E2000. MPO etc
2.Length: from 500m to 2KM
3.Dimension: length*width*height , 23.8cm* 14.1cm *6.7cm
4.Easy open latch
5.Water resistant, crushproof and dust proof
6.Material: SR Polypropylene
7.Color: Black/Yellow
8.Operating temperature -40℃ to +80℃
9.Type of fiber: corning SMF-28
10.Typical Loss: <0.3DB/KM typical, 0.5 DB/KM max
11.Lead length: 1m-5m, outside diameter 2.0mm or 3.0mm
12.G652 type fiber.
13.Back Reflection(RL) < -55 DB
14.GR-326 Standard
 (1)Apex offset: 0 - 50 um
 (2)Radius of curvature 7 – 25 nm
 (3)Fiber roughness: 0 – 25 nm
 (4)Ferrule roughness: 0-50 nm